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Youth Affair


The Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports (MYAS), Govt. of India comprises departments of Sports and Youth Affairs. Similarly, all the States and Union Territories of India including Chandigarh have their separate wings of sports and youth affairs under Sports Directorate offices of each state/UT.  

The wing of Youth Affairs is intended to help young people to identify and augment their potential for sports, culture, performing arts, visual arts, skill  etc., to facilitate development of society and National integration.   To reiterate,  commitment for the all round development of youth and people of Chandigarh can only be achieved through the introduction of various youth activities which may prepare the youth in service of the country through intellectual cultural and social developments. Various youth affair activities are being taken care of by the wings such as State Youth Festival, National Youth Festival,  Rural Sports, Adventure Activities, National Integration Camps, Leadership and Youth Camps, Hiking and Trekking Expeditions and  Activities in  collaboration with NSS  etc. Since youth is the most important human asset for any society or nation, Sports Department, Chandigarh Administration  plans to implement various youth development programmes for youth of Chandigarh  so that the groomed youth can be  of an advantage to the society at large.