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Sr. No. Name of the Coach GAME Mobile No. E.mail Address Posted at 
1 Sh. Amarjit Singh Basketball Coach 9465448900 amarjitbball@gmail.com Sports Complex-42
2 Sh. Bhagwant Singh Jr. Boxing Coach 9463366063 bhagwantsingh_7@yahoo.com Sports Complex-56
3 Sh. Sandeep Singh Jr. Football Coach 9988775479 sssandeep012@gmail.com Sports Complex-46
4 Sh. N. Shashi Gymnastic Coach 9417199969 aeroshashi2010@gmail.com Sports Complex-7
5 Sh. Gurminder Singh Jr. Hockey Coach 9463206328 gurminder009@gmail.com Sports Complex-42
6 Sh. Alpinder Singh Jr. Hockey Coach 9855132267 alpindersingh78@gmail.com Hockey Stadium-18
7 Sh. Krishan Lal Judo Coach 9876069540 klmattu08@gmail.com Sports Complex-34
8 Sh. Shubham Kamboj Jr. Tennis Coach 7693332323 shubham.kamboj16@gmail.com Sports Complex-42
9 Sh. Ramesh Chander Jr. Swimming Coach 9872992618 ramesh.swim@gmail.com

Sports Complex-39

10 Dr. Suresh Kumar Volleyball Coach 9417185322 drsureshkumar012@gmail.com

Sports Complex-7(Morning)

Sports Complex-42(Evening)

11 Sh. Vivek Kumar Jr. Weight Lifting Coach 9417254946 dhimanvivek0712@gmail.com Sports Complex-42
12 Sh. Manavpreet Singh Bawa Jr. Handball Coach 9569340064 bawa0064@gmail.com GMSSS-19
13 Sh. Sharinpreet Singh Jr. Swimming Coach 9780610494 singhsharinpreet@gmail.com All Weather Swimming Pool-23 (3pm to 5pm & 5pm to 7pm)
1 Sh. Maninder Singh Hira Athletic Coach 9780473226 manihira18@gmail.com Sports Complex-7 
Sr. No. Name of the Coach Game Mobile No. E.mail Address  
1 Sh. Sukhwinder Singh Bawa Cricket Coach 9216160018/15 bawasukhwinder23@gmail.com Cricket Stadium-16
Sr. No. Name of the Coach Game Mobile No. E.mail Address  Posted at 
1 Sh. Manjit Singh Basketball Coach 9417182056 manjitsinghbball7@gmail.com Sports Complex-7
2 Sh. Nagesh Gupta Cricket Coach 9988066666 gnagesh32@gmail.com Sports Complex-26
3 Sh. Sanjiv Pathania Cricket Coach 9855817284 sanjjerry@gmail.com Cricket Stadium-16 
4 Sh. Gurpreet Singh Bedi Football Coach 9888430598 gurpreetfootball78@gmail.com Sports Complex-42 
5 Ms. Sheena Rani Gymnastic Coach 7973462284 sheenapawmay@yahoo.in Sports Complex-43 
6 Mrs. Kusum Hockey Coach 9888119057 kusumdhillon1972@gmail.com Sports Complex-42 
7 Sh. Parveen Kumar Tennis Coach 9463456535 parveentennis2@gmail.com Sports Complex-42 
8 Sh. Arvind Sehgal Rowing Coach 9876184727 redrose.2865@gmail.com Lake Sports Complex 
9 Sh. Sarabjit Singh Skating Coach 7889006357 sarabjit.mangat7@gmail.com Skating Rink-10 
10 Sh. Rohit Randhawa Skating Coach 9914380800 rhtrandhawa@gmail.com Skating Rink-10 
11 Sh. K.S Buttar Weight Lifting Coach 7888969431 princesinghbuttar@gmail.com Sports Complex-42 
12 Sh. Khushwant Singh  Squash Coach 9417474345 khushsquash@hotmail.com Sports Complex-43 
13 Sh. Kulbir Singh Archery Coach 9815757710 ksprince7414@gmail.com Lake Sports Complex 
14 Sh. Vishal Mehta Badminton Coach 9888251716 vishalzmehta1086@gmail.com Sports Complex-7
15 Sh. Gurpreet Singh Table Tennis 9417686988 gurpreetsinghjoji@gmail.com  Sports Compex-34
16 Sh. Manish Kumar Table Tennis 9888666353 manish3190saini@gmail.com Sports Complex-50 
17 Sh. Surinder Mahajan Badminton 9815045900 mahajan_surinder@hotmail.com Sports Complex-38 
18 Sh. Gurmesh Singh Volleyball Coach 8699007711 gurmesh55@gmail.com Sports Complex-46 
19 Sh. Ravinder Kumar Basketball Coach 9878191888 rk851118@gmail.com   Sports Complex-46
20 Ms. Anita Ramola  Gymnastic Coach 7696527408 anitaramola88@gmail.com  Sports Complex-7
21 Sh. Ankur Khanna Football Coach 9814888888 ankurkhanna@gmail.com Sports Complex-42 
22 Sh. Hardeep Singh  Boxing Coach 8108933634 shardeep333.hs@gmail.com Sports Complex-42 
23 Sh. Iqbal Singh  Handball Coach 9465222233 iqbalsinghcoach@gmail.com Sports Complex-42 
24 Sh. Jaswinder Singh Hockey Coach 8725935017 jaswinder120593@gmail.com  Sports Complex-18 
25 Sh. Bhuwan Sethi  Badminton Coach 9888881619 manishsethi.sethi@gmail.com  Sports Complex-38 
26 Sh. Jugvinder Singh Wrestling Coach 9467088486 jugvinderkala@gmail.com Sports Complex-Sarangpur
27 Sh. Darshan Lal Wrestling Coach 9417020832 darshanprashar832@gmail.com Sports Complex-Manimajra
28 Ms. Vandana Volleyball Coach (Hostel Warden) 7508028739 vandnathkur70@gmail.com GGSSS, Sector-18 & Sports Complex-7
29 Sh. Vivek Thakur  Judo Coach 9888888519 info.vivekorchards@gmail.com Sports Complex-34
30 Sh. Vikas Nayar Squash Coach 6239128500   Lake Sports Complex
31 Sh. Mandeep Kaur Hockey Coach 9780784157   CGHA-Junior Girls