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After the success of Football Academy, the Administrator U.T. Chandigarh introduced Hockey Academy w.e.f. 01 st July, 2002, in which 24 players (Male) in the age group of 11-12 years were admitted. The terms of the hockey trainees was kept as six year and they pass out from the academy in March 2008.


24 Hockey trainees in the age group of 9 to 11 years were enrolled in May` 2005 as second string in the hockey and their tenure has been fixed as 7 year i.e. 2012 as per the terms of the agreement signed with the parents of the trainees.


The junior batch of Hockey trainees in the age group of 10-11 years has been inducted in May, 2008 in place of the senior hockey trainees who were passed out in March` 2008 on completion of their 6 year tenure in the academy. The tenure of junior string has been fixed as 7 year as per the agreement signed with the parents of the trainees and they shall pass out from the academy in March` 2015.


  • Harjot Singh:- Senior World Cup, Junior World Cup, Asian Games Champion Trophy, World Series Hockey 3rd. Member of Senior Indian Hockey Team from 2011
  • Gurjinder Singh:- Junior World Cup, Senior World Cup Asian Games, Champion Trophy, Best player of WSH and got 1.25 crore. Member of Senior India Hockey Team from 2012
  • Manmeetraj Singh:-Junior Asia Cup, Four National Tournament, Europe Tour.
  • Gagandeep Singh (Junior):-Asia Cup, Junior Johar Baru Cup Malaysia, European Tour. SAF Games 2016 runner up
  • Gagandeep Singh (Senior):-European Tour, Asia Cup, Johar Baru Junior Cup.
  • Gurjant Singh:-European Tour, Junior Johar Baru Cup Malaysia – Winner, European Tour. Member of Junior India Hockey Team.Junior World Cup 2016 winner
  • Sanjay:-School Asia Cupwinner, Captain of Indian Team and declared best half
  • Maninder Singh:-School Asia Cupwinner and declared best forward
  • Jaspreet Singh:-School Asia CupWinner